Deity S-Mic 2S Shotgun Microphone, Ultra Low Off-Axis Coloration, Low Inherent Self-Noise, Weather Resistant, RF-Interference Proof, 24V/48V Phantom Powering, Super Cardioid Pickup Pattern, Only 3oz

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Brand: Deity


  • Upgraded from Deity S-mic 2, the Deity S-Mic 2 is a professional shotgun mic features a shorter, lighter body with a slightly wider pickup pattern for multi-talent scenes. This makes it the S-Mic 2S perfect for things like reality TV crews, indoor sit down interviews, and indy filmmaking
  • The Deity S-Mic 2S features a super cardioid pickup pattern which minimizes surrounding ambient sounds but still offers low off-axis coloration, lets you capture natural-sounding speech and dialog without any distractions
  • Designed to hold up to the brutality of run-and-gun-style shoots, the Deity S-Mic 2’s body is machined from 100% solid brass and features a epoxy sealed gold-coated PCB board and a moisture-resistant capsule
  • The S-Mic 2S is as light as other industry standard mics used on film sets. Coming in at a mere 3 ounces, you might forget you have a microphone on the end of your boom pole
  • All Deity S-Mic 2S come with a waterproof, shockproof hard case to keep your microphone safe during storage or travel. Also included with ever purchase is a mic clip and a foam windscreen

Tech Spec:
Sound Field: Mono
Transducer: Condenser
Polar Pattern:Super Cardioid
Frequency Range:50 Hz to 20 kHz
Equivalent Noise Level:15 dB A-Weighted
Maximum SPL:130 dB SPL


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