I am Tyson and I am a life long tech nerd and family man. God comes first in my life and Family is always right behind. I have always had a passion to make technology work for me and tinker with things. I have always struggled to get out and make friends as well as have people understand the person behind the camera. From growing a beard, long hair, funky clothes, funky glasses and a silly personality, I have always struggled to fit in and be taken seriously. When I found YouTube I realized there are a lot of people out there like me. I got into YouTube during my bearding journey to share my experience growing and maintaining a beard. Through that, my Technology mind started becoming clearer to the public. I field multiple questions a day from people wanting to know the best way to do something. This prompted me to start a channel on this exact topic. I tried and tried to come up with a thoughtful name for the channel and settle on my name. Tyson Wald. I figured if you want to be taken seriously, use your name and make good content. I strive to share my information with the world and help one person at a time.

Faithfully Bearded was born out of faith and being true to who we are and what we believe in. Throughout this crusade, I have realized I am not the only human who stands for the truth and good nature of coexisting humans. I created this channel on YouTube to help not only individuals, but also companies; to aid in growth as humans, becoming a link in the chain of community bonding and relationships, and presenting others with a thorough review and research of quality beard care and products. Through this journey, my research and reviews have agitated some, I have seen people come and go, and I have witnessed manipulation and scams. Despite the obstacles and occurrences, my passion and drive is for you all; facilitating the continuous improvement in what we do and who we are. From making content to making beard products, encouraging you and showing you that you are fully capable in all your passions. Cheering you on through this journey with the support of faithfully bearded.

We have come a long way through good times and bad times in this world: Pandemics, racism and opinions have driven the world into a frenzy. That’s when it hit me.

Being Faithfully Bearded isn’t a religion. It isn’t one person. It isn’t nationality or skin color. It isn’t gender specific. We are bigger than all the differences, we are human beings. Being Faithfully Bearded is helping humans be better humans.

I am Tyson with Faithfully Bearded and #Iamfaithfullybearded